This Web site is dedicated to the memory of Bert Samples, an American hero who gave his life to the service of his country during World War II. Bert was from West Virginia and was sadly killed on 22nd February 1944 in the Marshall Islands.  

An interesting story about Bert appeared in the local newspaper after his death. In the following  story, Bert was very close to his family and his love for his family was apparent during the invasion when he captured a Japanese bicycle, riding it around and mentioning he was going to try to send it home to his ten-year-old brother. This little story is very sad and heart-warming and depicts the courage of Bert Samples along with these young Americans exercised during WWII.

The story about the bicycle was reported by Lt. John N. Popham. After World War II Lt. John N. Popham became a journalist with impeccable credentials.

This Web site is dedicated to the memory of Bert Samples and all those brave men who sacrificed so much for their beloved country, the United States of America, during World War II.

Attached below are self-explanatory text and images about Bert Samples along with his beloved family and the many friends and associates who remembered his short and heroic life.


The World War II Memoirs of John Vollinger

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