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 In my humble opinion, these books have wider implications generally for women in the Pacific Islands and for this reason alone are highly recommended. I invite you all to share in my great enjoyment derived from reading these excellent books”
Dr Jane Resture’s Oceanic Home Page Newsletter

 Randell Shirley and Jeannette Bolenga (eds). I Stret Nomo: Girls in Vanuatu Can do Anything. Port Vila, Blackstone Publishing, 2003. 76 pages, 30 cms, 260 gms, 58 coloured  photos, ISBN 982-329-021-0

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This valuable collection tells the stories of 43 women in non-traditional professions in Vanuatu in their own words, ranging from the first female ni-Vanuatu doctor, dentist and pilot to car and aircraft mechanics, electricians and builders from every major island and Province of Vanuatu. The book has been designed especially for use as a text for secondary school students and particular attention is paid to the educational training experiences and curriculum and career choices of each role model. However, the book has much wider appeal as it includes stories of significant life experiences and challenges overcome. There are quotations from supportive partners and parents, as well as testimonials from employers who praise their female staff.

In his foreword to the book, Chief Willie Bongmatur says “I hope that many young women are inspired by this book and the stories it contains, and are encouraged to follow the career of their dreams, whatever field it may be in. I would like to encourage all of the girls of Vanuatu to consider their options seriously, have faith in their own ability; trust in God, value their traditions, and dare to dream”. Role models featured in the book include:

Pastor Leinamau Manrogoana Matautaava, Presbyterian Church, Mele Parish
Annick Stevens Iatika, Food Security Officer, Agriculture Department
Gladys Tovo, Horticulturalist, Summit Estate
Amy Taurakoto, Commercial Pilot, Vanair Limited
Henriette Yatipu, Aviation Security Officer, Airports Vanuatu Limited
Noella Obed, Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Vanair Limited
Anthinia Leona Temakon, Motor Mechanic, Motor Traders Limited
Ruth Ernest, Refill Assistant, Shell Tebakor Fararua Petrol Station
Esther Alick, Government Systems’ Administrator, MFEM
Jennifer Albert, Computer Technician, Vanuatu Institute of Technology
Marianne Berukilukilu, Telecommunications Engineer, Contractor
Alizen Jane Mawa, Accounts Clerk, University of the South Pacific
Dorothy Andrew Ericson, Acting Director, Department of Finance, MFEM
Alexine Charlie Moli, Acting Chief Accountant, Manager MFIS, MFEM
Cynthia Ala, Economist, Research Officer, Reserve Bank of Vanuatu
Anniva Tarilongi, Deputy Financial Controller, Telecom Vanuatu Limited
Kizzy L E Kalsakau, Radio Producer, Vanuatu Broadcasting & Television Corporation
Olivia William, Television Journalist, VBTC
Hellen Rose Aru, Magistrate TANNA Province, Department of Justice
Kayleen Ulbani Tavoa, Senior Legal Officer, Office of the Public Prosecutor
Cindy Vanu, Joiner, Wilco Hardware Limited
Cindy Liatlatmal, Trainee Technician, Vila Refrigeration Limited
Gaelle Waki, Builder, Island Construction Limited
Relfy Weslay Nalau, Builder, Bramley Construction Limited
Dr Rosemary Taun Ningiga, Medical Practitioner
Alice Athy, Traditional Healer, Natural Remedies Clinic
Dr Rhoda Bule, Dental Surgeon, New Zealand
Vombani Molisale, Traditional Masseur, Mawo Island
Winnie Daffodil Matariki, Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic
Rina Karolin Alau, Electrician, South Pacific Electrics Limited
Pamela Carlo, Mathematician, Personal Assistant to Managing Director, Equity Bank
Rosette Kalmet, Hydro-Geologist, Department of Geology and Mines
Esline Garaebiti, Geologist/Vulcanologist, Department of Geology and Mines
Mercy Nalawas, Senior Meteorological Officer, Climate Section, VMS
Enette Daniel Rarua, Quality Controller, Vanuatu Brewing Limited
Sergeant Marylin George, Acting Officer in Charge, Serious Crime, CIB
Corporal Marie Vuke, Solo Horn Player, Vanuatu Mobile Force Band
Senior Sergeant Leili Samuel, Border Control, Department of Immigration
Emmeline Rose Clochard, Sportswoman, Coordinator Weddings, Le Lagon
Vanessa Sally Ann Kirisitiana Quai, Professional Singer, Secondary School Student
Fanny Cyrel Leasle, Owner Manager and Entrepreneur, Nagar Resort
Odilyne Daruhi, Senior Beverage Steward, Pacific Sky
Isabel Donald McLau, Member of Parliament, Epi Constituency

Also Available

2          Randell, Shirley (Ed) Pacific Women on the Move: Establishment of PGWNet
3          Randell, Shirley. Awareness Raising on Court Rules Relating to Domestic Violence in Vanuatu
4       Molisa, Grace Mera. Women and Good Governance, 100 grams
Price for 2,3 and 4: Pacific Is: VT500; Overseas: $AUD12            $US10
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5          Randell, Shirley (Ed) Pacific Creative Writing in Memory of Grace Molisa 160 grams
6          Randell, Shirley (Ed) Ni-Vanuatu Role Models; women in their own right –200 grams
Price for 5 and 6: Pacific Islands: VT750Overseas           $AUD18            $US15
Postage and Handling:   Pacific: VT500               ;           $AUD7              $US5
                                                Asia, Americas:             $AUD9              $US6
                                                Europe, Africa:               $AUD11            $US8
7          Randell, Shirley (Ed) Republic of Vanuatu National Elections 2 May 2002: Report of the Elections Observer Group: A joint Electoral Commission/Transparency International Vanuatu Project 450grams
Price: Postage and Handling only: Pacific: VT850;            $AUD12            $US8
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