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 Randell, Shirley. Pacific Women on the Move: Establishment of PGWNet. Port Vila, Blackstone Publishing, 2003, 72 pages, 21 cms, 24 b/w photos, 120 gms, ISBN 982-329-026-1

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This publication is a record of the Pacific women attending the inaugural meeting of the newly established Pacific Graduate Women's Network (PGWNet), the newest regional grouping of the International Federation of University Women (IFUW). The foreword is written by the President of the International Federation of University Women, Professor Reiko Aoki of Japan. She states that the most valuable part of the book is the brief glimpse it gives into the lives of nine Pacific women graduates who have generously shared their personal experiences told their stories. “All of them are inspirational in many different ways, particularly in the way in which they have overcome the obstacles that they encountered as women, to go on and become confident and successful women in their own right. They have earned the respect and admiration of their colleagues, families and friends and are truly great role models for young women graduates in the Pacific”. The graduates are:

 •       Rosa Sai'i Au - Papua New Guinea Women's Association
•       Mulago Jeannette Hilary Fay Lini Mwisal Dongo Bolenga - Vanuatu Association of Women Graduates
•       Joanne Taubal Boso, Solomon Island Graduate Women’s Association
•       Manuela Gusmao, East Timor
•       Agnes Kotoisuva - Fiji Association of Women Graduates (FAWG)
•       Lusitania Latu - Association of Tongan University Women
•       Lina Tone Schuster – Samoan Association of Women Graduates
•       Rosemarie Tagelagi-Tuihalangingie – Niue Association of Women Graduates
•       Lily Bingwor Vesikula – FAWG and first President of PGWNet.

There are five other valuable contributions included in the text. Dr Cheryl Hirst, Chancellor of the Queensland University of Technology spoke on the theme of the conference: "Linking Pacific Women in a Globalised World". Professor Brigid Limerick from the School of Education, University of Queensland; guided participants through facets of this theme and her presentations on “Appreciative Enqury for project management” are summarised. Motarilavoa Hilda Lini, Director of the Pacific Concerns Resources Centre in Fiji gave a public lecture on "Enhancing Indigenous Knowledge with Modern Education and Technology". Hilda's journalist training, her years as a Member of Parliament and Minister of many portfolios in the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu and the breadth and passion of her activism on behalf of indigenous peoples and Pacific issues were stirred together and distilled into a stirring and thought-provoking address, the full text of which is included in this booklet. An overview by Dr Shirley Randell and a history of PGWNet by Beverley Turner provide welcome background to the work of women graduates in the Pacific.

Randell, Shirley.          Awareness Raising on Court Rules Relating to Domestic Violence in Vanuatu, Port Vila, Blackstone Publishing, 2003, 72 pages, 21 cms, 18 b/w photos, 120 gms, ISBN 982-329-027-X

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This Report to AusAID includes the findings and recommendations from the Awareness Raising on Court Rules Relating to Domestic Violence in Vanuatu Project funded under the Human Rights Small Grants Scheme in 2002-3. The Vanuatu Association of Women Graduates and SR International and Associates conducted the project.

The project was managed by a broadly representative steering committee consisting of representatives from the Vanuatu Women’s Centre, The Department of Women’s Affairs, the Vanuatu National Council of Women, the National Councils of Chiefs, the National Council of Churches, the National Youth Council, the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu, the Departments of Education and Police, the legal sector, the Chief Justice Rules Committee and the USP Law School.

The Steering Committee for the project produced a wide range of educational materials for resource packages, including brochures, posters, a comic book, and activities’ guidelines and conducted workshops in every province and many islands of Vanuatu. Chiefs, church, women and youth leaders, and community members attended the workshops and many people at grassroots level now have an understanding of how to use the new Domestic Violence Protection Court Orders

The 21 recommendations for further action relate to an inclusive, integrated and planned issues approach to the issue of family violence in Vanuatu. The cost of violence to the nation is discussed as well as the influence of kastom and religion in both perpetuating violence and in providing hope for promoting a culture of non-violence throughout Vanuatu. Recommendations are made about the passage of the Family Protection Order Bill in 2003, for training opportunities for police and law enforcement agencies, and further research and education on family violence. One of the significant recommendations for the future is for the establishment of a committee to canvas the need for a Human Rights Commission in Vanuatu and for further research and investigation, particularly in the area of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The report includes a summary of workshop attendance, examples of evaluations, radio transcripts and media releases and numerous black and white photos of participants in the workshops

Randell, Shirley (Ed) Creative Writing in Memory of Grace Molisa, Port Vila, Blackstone Publishing, 2002, 108 pages, 21 cms,160 gms, colour photos
ISBN 982-329-025-3
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This remarkable collection has been put together to celebrate the memory of the late Grace Mera Molisa, pioneer, poet, author, publisher, women’s activist and stateswoman from Vanuatu. It is the first of what will no doubt be several publications on her life. The book has three sections. The first consists of tributes to Grace’s life, the second includes creative writing on issues Grace cared about, and the third records other tributes to Grace’s memory. Poets, authors and artists from Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Fiji Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA are represented. The majority of the writing is in English but there are also French and Bislama pieces. The book will be a valuable resource for Pacific literature courses in secondary and tertiary institutions. However, it has much wider appeal as it pays tribute to a woman who played a significant role in the politics of Vanuatu and the Pacific, in particular the advancement of women and creative writing.

In his tribute to Grace in the foreword of the book, the Hon Sela Molisa says: “Grace has left a wonderful legacy, not only through her prose and poetry, but also the deep love and respect her friends and family have in their hearts, which we will all treasure”.

Foreword                                     The Hon Sela Molisa
Preface                                       Dr Shirley Randell
Part 1: Celebrating Grace’s Life
Grace Mera Molisa                       Freedom
Shirley Randell (ed)                      Grace Molisa - Author, Poet, Publisher.
Viran Molisa                                Grace
Ava Natu Omawa                         Mum
Carol S Aru                                 Reminiscing
Hilda Taleo                                  For Grace
Lily Bingwor Vesikula                   Isa na noqu itau - Farewell to a Friend.
Albert Wendt                               A Tribute
Vatu Molisa                                 Grace’s Designs from Ambae
Grace Mera Molisa                       Raet Blong Pipol: – Wea Rod?
John Joses Laan                         Grace Mera Molisa - a Tribute
Mildred Leimatawia Sope              Dinori Buhoru
Nicolas Rothwell                          Brightly Burning Flame
Michael Archer et al                     Return of the Slit Drum
Nicolai Michoutouchkine   Chère Grace Molisa
Anne S Walker                Grace Molisa - Exemplary Role Model.
Ruth Maetala                   Grace
Tina Takashy                  A Piece of Me
Vanessa Griffen               Pacific Woman
Fanaura Kingston             An Advocate for Women’s Rights
Nadine Alatoa                  Grace
Piango Secretariat,
Dianne Goodwillie             Grace - Pillar of the NGO and
and Ruth Lechte              Women’s.Community in Vanuatu
Kettie Dan-Kapwatt          Amazing Grace
Mary Ryan                       Vale Grace Mera Molisa
Savanaca Siwatibau      
and Elise Huffer               Navigator into the Future
Jeannette Bolenga           Grace: Foundation Member of VAWG
Ian Kay                           A Vision for Change
Yvette Sam                     Merci
Merilyn Tahi                     Grace Mera Molisa
Margaret Jolly                  Grace
Briar Wood                      Firing the Pots
Part 2: Celebrating Grace’s Values
Jacques Gedeon              L’ordre colonial
Telstar Newman   The Fear of Simply Being a Woman
Bertha Tarileo                  The Struggle Within
Emma Cruise Va’ai          Sisters and Brothers
Noumea Simi                   Port Vila by Moonlight: For Grace
Nina Netzler von Reiche   Portia
Va’ine   Rasmussen         I am a Woman -
Jean Tekura Mason         Aketa'iri, Warrior Woman
Len Garae                       The Cubicle
Pierre Kaloris                   Dedicated to Fellow Citizens
Alcina Garae                   Of all Basics
Lisa Williams                   New Moon over Vila
Editor                              Nécrologie dans Le Banian, Février 2002
Part 3: Other Tributes to Grace’s Memory
Elizabeth Qualao             Eulogy Vila Taon Vanua’aku Pati Women
Marie Noelle Patterson     Eulogy Transparency International Vanuatu
Mary Jane O’Callaghan     Obituary in The Australian 1 February 2002
Richard Dorman   Obituary British Friends of Vanuatu Newsletter
Shirley Randell                 Obituary in Sydney Morning Herald and Age
Various                           Tributes from Condolence Messages
Shirley Randell                 Curriculum Vitae - Grace Mera Molisa
                                      Notes on Authors
Grace Mera Molisa           Vatu Invocation
Cover Pages
Aloi Pilioko                      Building the Future Together
Connie Wells                   Long God Yumi Stanap
Frederick Bufata              A Family

“This is a Pacific lei/garland of different colours, scents, shapes and textures – A treasured gift for any time and to celebrate a wonderful life well lived”. President, Samoan Association of Women Graduates.

The book illustrates not only the high esteem in which Grace was held in Vanuatu by those she championed, but also the extraordinary range of her influence across the Pacific”. British Friends of Vanuatu Newsletter

Molisa, Grace Mera. Women and Good Governance, Port Vila, Blackstone Publishing, 2002, 60 pages, 21 cms, 100 gms, ISBN 982-329-024-5

Price: Pacific Islands: VT500 (RR 650)         Overseas:              $AUD14           $US8
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Discovered posthumously, this is a booklet that the late Grace Mera Molisa had been working on for several years. In her foreword Grace wrote: “The publication reflects my experiences in Vanuatu, together with helpful inputs from many supporters in my quest for the achievement of Good Governance. My earlier tract: Raet blong Pipol; Wea Rod? (1991) was the beginning of this documented search…This publication is being put out specifically as an initial Awareness Raiser for Vanuatu”.

Some of the aspects covered in the booklet include
Women in Parliament
Good Governance
Food for Thought
Long God Yumi Stanap
Good Governance practices already exist - The best plan is the one that works!
Participation, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation
Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu - Preamble
     The Constitution
     Special Features of the Vanuatu Constitution
A Plan for Good Governance
     - Comprehensive Reform Programme
     - Port Vila Accord
     - The Basis for Reforms for Vanuatu
     - Good Governance
     - Principles of Reforming Public Administration in the Public Service of Vanuatu
Best Practices of Traditional Governance
Need for Political and Electoral Reform
Basis Tenets of Democracy
Gender Benchmarks of Democracy
CRP Gender Benchmarks
Civil Society
Citizenship - Nationhood
The Life Cycle - Traditional Melanesian Values
Good Governance is: the Good News of Christianity
The Ten Commandments
Vanuatu Women in Politics 2002 Statistics
Critical Areas of Concern in Raising Awareness
Strategies for Closing the Gender Gap in Representative Institutions
Strategies for Bringing more Women into Public and Political Life
VNCW Motto
Why Women ?
What Politics ?

Randell, Shirley (Ed) Ni-Vanuatu Role Models; women in their own right, Port Vila, Blackstone Publishing, 2002, 60 pages, 30 cms, 200 gms, black and white, photos, 2nd edition, ISBN 982-329-021-0

Price: Pacific Islands: VT750 (RR1000)    Overseas           $AUD20            $US12
Postage and Handling:               Pacific: VT500;               $AUD7              $US4
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Postage is for one copy only and could be more for multiple copies depending on weight. Discounts apply for multiple copies

There are very few publications either written by or about ni-Vanuatu people. This valuable collection is the first of its kind, setting out two page biographies of 20 distinguished women from every major island and Province of Vanuatu, told in their own words. The book has been designed especially for use as a text for secondary school students and particular attention is paid to the educational training experiences and career choices of each role model. However, it has much wider appeal as it includes stories of the significant life experiences of senior public servants, business women, journalists, an internet technician, a housegirl and a receptionist with a disability. The stories are remarkably frank, touching on early pregnancies, domestic violence, discrimination in the workplace and other challenges overcome. Pioneer poet, publisher, women’s activist and stateswoman the late Grace Molisa tells her story. The story of her politician husband and lawyer daughter are included as an example of a supportive partner and the next generation.

In launching the book, on International Women’s Day 2002, Prime Minister Edward Natapei said “Many of the issues that arise in the women’s lives relate to men’s attitudes, reactions and behaviour. I hope that future generations of men will have a more positive attitude to women and so make the path smoother for them”. Role models featured in the book include:
Mary Estelle Kapalu Mahuk– Olympic Athlete
Shirley Joy – Journalist, President of the Vanuatu Press Club
Nettie Collins-Varahu – Internet Technician
Jessie Leisave Jackson - Housegirl
Evelyne Toa – Radio Announcer
Nadine MartheThi Phong Nguyen Alatoa, Secretary-General, Council of Ministers Leitangi Solomon – Receptionist
Myriam Leiseria Leinamavero Abel – Director of Public Health
Margaret David – Market Businesswoman
Anne-Marie Sarisets – Women’s Editor
Rita Naviti - Chief Registrar of the High Court
Dorosday Dhressen Kenneth - Agronomist
Yvette Sam – Educator
Margaret David – Market Businesswoman
Mildred Sope – Hotel Owner and Manager
Grace Mera Molisa – Author, Poet, Publisher, Educator
Heather Leo – The Public Prosecutor
Votausi Mackenzie-Reur – Restaurant Owner and Manager
Nancy Wells – Chief Statistician
Rona Dini – Guest House Owner and Manager
And Grace’s partner and daughter, Sela Molisa and Viran Molisa

“The interest of the book is a good deal wider than that of a school text. Shirley Randell contributes a thoughtful introduction or ‘overview’, in which she comments on traditional gender values in Vanuatu, emphasises the transition from their traditional role in society that the women featured in the book have had to make in barely a generation, and analyses some of the common experiences and difficulties of her Role Models. She finds that the path to success has been much harder for many women than for men, partly because existing systems did not give equal opportunity to both sexes and partly because of the prejudices, jealousies and distrust exhibited by both men and women”. British Friends of Vanuatu Newsletter.

Republic of Vanuatu National Elections 2 May 2002: Report of the Elections Observer Group: A joint Electoral Commission/Transparency International Vanuatu Project, Port Vila, Blackstone Publications, June 2002. 160 pages, 30 cms, photos, ISBN 982-329-023-7

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                                                Asia, Americas:                    $AUD16         $US10
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Coloured Posters

What Makes a Successful Woman. Photo of Auditor General against tropical sea/beach/sky background with a list of 24 attributes that contribute to success.
Vanuatu: Cherishing its Ethnic, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity. Photos of 10 families of mixed ethnic background with ni-Vanuatu: Solomon Islands, Fiji Islands, Tuvalu, Japanese, Malaysian, French, Australian, British, New Zealand, South African against a Nicolai Michoutouchkine design background
Price for each: Pacific Islands: VT400          Overseas:               $AUD10           $US5
Postage and Handling:                        Pacific: VT1300               $AUD17           $US10
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