Pasifika 2011

Nukulaelae Dancers

The Pasifika Festival held in New Zealand in March of each year is one of the most significant cultural and community festivals in the South Pacific and is the world's largest Festival of its kind. The Festival is a chance for Pacific Island communities to showcase their traditions and cultural heritage and to extend their hospitality to visitors both in New Zealand and from around the world. 

This Web site focuses on the beautiful traditional dance of Nukulaelae, Tuvalu, and has been kindly made available courtesy of Louisa Butcher who was one of the many overseas visitors attending and enjoying this Pasifika Festival 2011 - we thank you so much Louisa.

Bikenibeu Paeniu (our former Prime Minister of Tuvalu) and Louisa Butcher (Foura), both from Nukulaelae.


Louisa Butcher, Miss South Pacific 2011 from the Cook Islands, Joyana Meyer,
Rosa Norman (Muller), Stella Copeland, Stella Gibbs.

Ellewies Foon, Lavinia Edwards, Louisa Butcher,
Miss South Pacific 2011, Joyana Meyer, Rosa Norman (Muller), Stella Copeland, Stella Gibbs.











Mila, holding the traditional Nukulaelae mat, woven from specially treated pandanus leaves.

All pictures above, courtesy Louisa Butcher

Tuvalu: Pasifika 2011 - Courtesy Michael Naisali

I should perhaps mention that the above images, and much more, are available on Facebook courtesy Louisa Butcher. Our very sincere appreciation, thanks and gratitude go to Louisa Butcher for sharing and allowing us to utilize these very beautiful and cultural pictures of the Pasifika 2011 Nukulaelae dancers with us all.

For further information on Tuvalu Culture - ABOUT US Web site, including Singing And Dancing,  you are invited to visit URL: http://www.janeresture.com/tu8/aboutus.htm and click on: SINGING AND DANCING (and the other relevant links: ORIGINS, THE TRADITIONAL SOCIAL STRUCTURE and THE CYCLE OF LIFE should you wish, listed below). These links, together, form the basis of what Tuvalu, and especially Tuvalu Dancing, are all about.





Tuvalu Genealogy (Nukulaelae)

Tuvalu Home Page

Jane Resture
I hear the waves on our island shore
They sound much louder than they did before
A rising swell flecked with foam
Threatens the existence of our island home.
A strong wind blows in from a distant place
The palm trees bend like never before
Our crops are lost to the rising sea
And water covers our humble floor.

Our people are leaving for a distant shore
And soon Tuvalu may be no more
Holding on to the things they know are true
Tuvalu my Tuvalu, I cry for you.

And as our people are forced to roam
To another land to call their home
And as you go to that place so new
Take a little piece of Tuvalu with you.

Tuvalu culture is rare and unique
And holds a message we all should seek
Hold our culture way up high
And our beloved Tuvalu will never die.

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