The South Pacific Islands of Samoa and American Samoa have been devastated by a tsunami that hit the islands on Tuesday, 29th September 2009. An earthquake measuring 8.3 caused waves between 3 and 6 metres and hit the south-west coasts which were heavily populated by many high-end and budget tourist resorts and local villages.


Whole villages have been wiped out, with buildings flattened and beaches washed away. Residents had to leave everything behind as they were evacuated to higher ground.

The tsunami had a devastating impact on the beautiful Samoan islands with a terrible loss of precious life and property.

Our loving thoughts and prayers are with all the Samoan people and those wonderful friends of Samoa who also have lost their loved ones during their time of loss. Our heartfelt thanks go to the many wonderful aid agencies and friends of Samoa who contributed so promptly to the rebuilding of Samoa after this terrible tragedy struck. May God's love and blessings be with you all.

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