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A Page From The 76th SEABEES "Cruise Book"
Provided courtesy of Patrick Thompson, the son of a 76th Seabee


First general quarters for our detachment on Palmyra. Past
the tents can be seen part of the air strip, the lagoon
 just beyond, and in the distance a few of the many
islands comprising Palmyra atoll.

The Marine Post Exchange, the most popular spot on the island. It was
here we spent most of our Friday afternoons, drinking our two cans
 of beer a day, or watching a good prizefight staged by
the Marine Recreation Officer.   

The lobby of the Transient Hotel constructed on Palmyra by men of the 76th. Note mural
on left of photo done my W. A. Glasgow, former Hollywood artist. The building was built to
accommodate transient airmen as they made their way to forward areas in the South Pacific.

Palmyra Postcard and Picture Gallery
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