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The images on this Web site were taken by members of The Nature Conservancy on Palmyra and have been very kindly provided by James Sinnott. These aerial pictures represent a rare and important photographic record of  Palmyra.


Looking south across the lagoon with the old runway at left centre.
Three islands were joined together to make the runway which was 6,000
feet long and bearing 060. The dark blue in the lagoon was where the sand
was dredged to join the islands together and made an area for seaplanes to land.

Again looking south with a better view of the runway.
Most of the quarters, mess hall and NATS hotel were on this island.

Looking southeast over the runway. James Sinnott once called the small islands in the upper right home

Looking almost due west showing the islands on the southern rim.
The only entrance to the lagoon was at the western end of the southern islands

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