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The following historical and cultural images were kindly provided by Ron Healey and comprise photographs taken by his Father, Laurie Healey who was on Fanning Island for some four years up until he returned to New Zealand in 1942. Laurie Healey was a great singer, pianist and guitar player and the guitars in the photographs (below) were hand made by one of the islanders with hand painted scenes of the camp on them.
Laurie Healey often spoke of watching the Japanese ships sailing through the passage, and of course wondering if they were to be invaded. Laurie also mentioned that they decided to adopt as much as possible the island way of life and dress and the buildings were built in the native style to make it appear that there were no troops on the island. The gun was camouflaged to look like coconut trees in a plantation.
Laurie Healey was posted to Fanning Island with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force. To some extent he acted as the official photographer and processed all his photos himself.
We are very thankful to Ron Healey for making available the following very important historical
and cultural images of Fanning Island, with our very best wishes and blessings always. ... Jane Resture  



A land crab visits

A trading ship calls

Army base truck

Catching up on news from the world

Ebb and Laurie "refreshment time"

Gun drill on the defence gun

Hairdressers Island Style

Laurie (in centre) and mates building the Gun Emplacement


Laurie (on right) with "Jock" McCorkindale

Laurie on Fanning Island

Laurie on raft in the early days on island

Loading Area of gun

Making music under the Pandanus (Laurie on right)

New Zealand Group shortly after arrival

On Parade in the early days on the island

On the Truck (Laurie in centre with the guitar)

One of the Buildings

One of the 'Land Crabs'

Relaxing in the Barracks

Shark Caught on Island

Some of the Lads (Laurie second on right) (Next to 'New Arrival')

The 'Cook house'

The Entertainers (Laurie on Right)

The Finished Gun and Watch-tower

The new gun 'Breech'

The North Passage

Two of the Gang

With Islanders

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