The following images of Fanning Island were very kindly provided by Kimberly Steel who, along with her fiance and family, visited Fanning Island on the 25th February 2004. The pictures were taken on a rainy day using a disposable camera and include images of the Norwegian Cruise Liner (NCL) and the cultural presentation at the tourist pavilion. They also include a remarkable range of photographs which capture the traditional lifestyle of the I-Kiribati on Fanning Island along with some of the people themselves.

Kimberly has made available a remarkable collection of photographs depicting so many aspects of Fanning Island which will be of great interest to future travellers to Fanning Island as well as the I-Kiribati along with the many friends of Fanning Island - these photographs certainly capture the essential present-day Fanning Island. Please enjoy these images of our beloved Fanning Island. From all of us, thank you so much Kimberly for sharing these remarkable images.   

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